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When your new product ideas grow beyond your capability to produce and deliver, Molinaro’s Fine Italian Foods should be your partner. We can provide your production, packaging and shipping need with proven expertise. Molinaro’s experience, expertise and flexibility in the food co-packing industry allows us to provide the most complete and total line including design, corrugate, labelling and other component sourcing to provide you with a quality pizza product. We are a ‘one-stop’ shop providing all services in-house to save you time and money. Our team has built a tradition of supporting our clients with quality products. Our experience allows us to continually enhance our product offerings and ensure that our quality and varieties of pizza offerings are up to date. By leveraging the shared expertise and resources of our vast network, Molinaro’s is able to quickly adapt, develop and launch new products for our clients. Working with our team of professionals and customers, we are able to meet the needs of our esteemed customers.

A Variety of Products

Pizza Crusts

We pride ourselves in producing the finest par-baked crust in the market, using only the freshest Ingredients.  We have two different bakeries that offer multiple sizes, one being a Pan line and the other an authentic Stone Baked line.


Beginning with our authentic Italian style crust, we manufacture a wide variety of pizzas customized to the needs of our customers. We can help you build a pizza program based on core items proven to drive sales while offering you and your customers new and exciting pizza variations. We offer a variety of crust options, sizes and toppings to meet your needs.

Pizza Kits

When you want to make a pizza for your family and friends, why not get an easier start with a quality pizza kit. Offering a variety of sizes and styles. start the fun tonight with your family by using a Pizza Kit to build your special pizza.


We pride ourselves in producing the finest par-baked crust in the market, using only the freshest Ingredients. Our dough for our crust is give the time to rise twice throughout the leavening and forming process to ensure a light and airy crust with superior texture and taste.

Dough Balls

Our premium quality dough balls are manufactured using only the finest ingredients, with no artificial preservatives or flavors. Our dough balls are made with authentic fermentation techniques, it is extremely versatile and work in many types of ovens. Available in a range of sizes.

The Molinaro’s Difference.

Authentic Italian Sauces

Our wide array of pizza sauces will tantalize any taste buds. Whether you are a fan of cooked, crushed tomatoes, tomato pesto, BBQ, buffalo, creamy garlic or garlic and olive oil, any one of our pizza sauces will add the taste you are looking for. Pizza varieties that will be untopped.

Multiple Crust Styles

At Molinaro's we offer a variety of different styles, Stone Baked, Hand Stretched, Thin Crust, Hand Raised Edge, Hand Tossed.

Dough Options

We offer Gluten Free Crust, Traditional, Whole Wheat, Multigrain, Organic, GMO Free, All natural, Puro.

Fresh Ingredients

At Molinaro's we use only the finest ingredients. Our quality toppings are made from the finest products and are the finishing touches to your pizza. From quality cheese, pepperoni, bbg chicken, buffalo, mushrooms, meat lovers or the classic vegetarian our toppings are held to very high standards.

Plant Based Options

Our Plant based pizza crusts offers rich authentic Italian flavor yet providing a healthier alternative to traditional wheat based crusts. Our gluten free par-baked masterpiece blends real cauliflower , zucchini, sweet potato with quality ingredients for a premium crust experience. High source of Protein and Fiber.

Dough Varieties

Whole Wheat
GMO Free
All natural
Whole Wheat/Traditional Mix
Gluten Free

Crust Options

Hand Stretched
Stone Baked
Pan Lined

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