Authentic Italian style pizzas packed with flavour and quality

Deluxe Pizza

Beginning with our authentic Italian style crust, we manufacture a wide variety of pizzas customized to the needs of our customers. We can help you build a pizza program based on core items proven to drive sales while offering you and your customers new and exciting pizza variations. The majority of the pizzas we manufacture are produced under private label. Our customers proudly brand the product, knowing that the standard for quality and consistency is second to none. We pride ourselves on this standard which we use for all the products we produce. While we have a fully automated manufacturing plant, we still have the flexibility to produce hand-worked artisan style products– just like Mama used to make.

Able To Satisfy Any Pizza Lover

Our pizzas come in different sizes, crusts, sauces, and toppings to satisfy any pizza lover. We offer crusts ranging from 5 inches up to 16 inches, while also offering a 12×16 inch pizza. You can decide on stone-baked, traditional thin, deep dish, hand-raised edges, cornmeal, or whole wheat crusts. The options don’t end there, our wide array of pizza sauces will tantalize any taste buds. Whether you are a fan of cooked, crushed tomatoes, tomato pesto, BBQ, buffalo, creamy garlic, or garlic & olive oil any one of our pizza sauces will add the taste you are looking for.

Pizza varieties that will be untopped.

The final step to any pizza is the toppings. Our quality toppings are made from the finest products and are the finishing touches to your pizza. From quality cheese, pepperoni, BBQ chicken, Buffalo, Greek, Mushroom, Meat Lovers, or the classic Vegetarian our toppings are held to very high standards.