Calzones the way Mama Molinaro used to make!

 Molinaro’s calzones are produced using the same values and quality Mama used to use. Calzones were first created in Italy and are quickly becoming a popular food item around the world as a fun alternative to pizza. They are great for any occasion or for a quick nutritious meal anytime. Traditional calzones of the past contained mainly meats and vegetables, sauce was always on the side. Today we produce our calzones with a variety of fillings, often including our rich tomato sauce inside. For this tasty Italian specialty, we prepare the dough in our automated bakery where it is allowed to rise and develop. Once pressed, it is filled with various ingredients to create many different varieties. Once filled, the dough is folded over and sealed by hand just like Mama used to do. It is then brushed with olive oil and slowly baked to perfection!

We have a calzone you will love!

Meeting the wide variety of people’s preference was our goal when we developed our line of calzones. From traditional 7 inch calzones to 10 inches, our variety of calzones will satisfy your hunger. We offer everything from traditional Pepperoni to Vegetarian. Some of our varieties include 6 Cheese, Double Pepperoni, Deluxe, Supreme, Meat Lovers, BBQ Chicken, Mushroom, Creamy Chicken & Bacon, and Steak Supreme.